Friday, January 30, 2009

Tomorrow It begins

Tomorrow I am ordering our chickens and Apple trees. Bear is also going to start looking around for a tiller. Its the one gardening tool I have always needed and never had. I have a feeling it will seriously improve our chances of actually getting a garden to work instead of having a bunch of plants that never really produce and get buried in weeds I can't keep up with.

I want to make sure that the chicks we get will go broody so I never have to buy chickens again and can rather raise my own. Of course, Ill have to hope that there is a rooster in the bunch of chicks they send to me. We are going to order them from McMurray Hatchery. If you want to see a picture of the ones we are getting you can find it here.

For the Apple trees, I couldn't find a local source so we are ordering from TyTy Nursery. For now we are sticking to Arkansas Black Apples and Gala Apples. The Gala is the best to cross breed with the Arkansas Blacks.

From there its just a matter of finding the seeds I want for the Strawberries, Broccoli, and Snow peas to start getting them started in a small greenhouse box indoors as well as buying the tiller.

Monday, I'll mail the payments for the taxes on the land and we will be good to go for at least another year.

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