Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its been a while

Wow, amazing how time flys. I got started focusing on my fiction writing and dealing with the puppies having parvo and my blogs really suffered. Sorry for that guys. Good news is, my writing course is over, the dogs survived the parvo and we are back on track with training and I am almost over this cough I developed around the same time the dogs got sick at the end of July.

The Chickens- Well all but one of my B.B red old english game hens are dead. My aunt said most likely it was a family of raccons. Three of the roosters are missing all together the rest were either dead in the run or just outside of it. Two survived actually only to have one drop dead when one of the dogs started barking a little to close to it. I guess it scared it to death. So we moved it with the four chicks I got from my aunt. They were all suppose to be hens but it is starting to look like that only one of them is. Thats okay being half silky half something else, (she isn't sure which rooster sired them) they are already large enough to eat. Im just waiting till they start crowing so I know for sure which are males and which are females.

The Rabbits - We have now had two litters of babies and both died. The first litter was my fault. The water bottle we put on the cage we had mom in, wasn't working properly and I didn't know it. She got enough water to keep herself alive but not enough to keep her milk from drying up. It was both my first litter and hers so I guess thats part of the costs of learning for both of us. My other female proved to be a better mother. She did a better job at making a nest and everything before the babies were born. Unfortunatly, all the babies were stillborn. That got me to thinking. I remembered that the baby with the grey ears was the one that he said he thought was a boy. Turns out she was a girl. That meant the two albino rabbits came out of the same cage and rather than being both girls one of them was a boy. So the babies that were stillborn were to genetically alike. Snowbell enjoys being in the same cage with Thumper and Xaveir but I can't put her back in with them or Xavier will have her pregnate again and I will be starting all over with the genetics problem. That isn't fair to her. So, I have to get her a bigger cage and her own boy bunny all her own to keep her company. Unfortunatly, no one is selling bunnies in the paper right now. So its either wait or get one from a pet store.

So thats where my life is right now. Not much else to tell.

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