Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We need more guys like this

The 2010 football season will be the first season in my life I won't be rooting only for the Razorbacks. Not, only will I be rooting for Mississippi State but I will be rooting for them over the Razorbacks. I will be doing it because a highschool Sr. from Yazoo County Mississippi who has already verbally pledged to Mississippi state has renewed my faith in the strength and bravery of your average american teenager.

I don't guess Kabel Eulls is your average american teenager. He is ranked 19th nationally amoung highschool defensive linemen and 4th overall in highschool defensive players in Mississippi. Tuesday morning, this young man was nearly asleep listening to his MP3 player on the bus when he was awakened by one of his three younger sisters. A 14 year old girl had gotten on the bus with a loaded semi automatic handgun and was waving it around and screaming at everyone.

With no thought or concern for his own safety, Kabel Eulls, opened the back door to the bus while talking to the girl. He got her to point the gun away from the driver, away from the other students and only at him. He evacuated the majority of the students from the bus while talking to her. When she was distracted by movement outside of the bus, he tackled her, got the gun away from her and ran off the bus with it. He unloaded it so it would no longer be a threat.

He later admits that he wasn't thinking about his own safety, he was thinking about all the people on that bus that could get hurt. If anyone was going to get shot he wanted it to be him. There is a hero for you. With the majority of our heros serving overseas, we need more boys like Kabel Eulls. After seeing the tapes of Columbine where teenage boys pushed girls towards the gunmen so they could get under the tables, I lost all faith in our abilities as mothers to raise brave young men. But, that faith has been returned.

I hope to the heavens, that this young man manages to survive his Sr. year unscaithed on and off the field. I pray that during his time at Mississippi state, his body isn't hurt and his morals aren't compromised. The NFL needs young men like him. We need an Anti Vick. Someone who can say not only is it not okay to commit a crime, it is not okay to let others potentally lose their lives because you did nothing.

I salute you Kabel Eulls and I wish the greatest of success in life. With that one defining act, you have renewed my faith in humanity and for it, I will be for the first time in my life rooting for a bulldog over a Hog.

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