Thursday, March 5, 2009

The chicks have been here a week now and life has been crazy. They sent 33 though I only ordered 30. One of them had a birth defect. It was a hole in its stomach. It lived until early this morning. Tristian was upset. He took a liking to that chick because it was the smallest but it wasn't growing and I told him several times it probably wouldn't live much longer. But, it didn't stop from upsetting him. He is only 7.

Ive almost got the puppy crate trained. Buddy, is getting a bit better though he still isn't happy with the puppy being around. He at least isn't fighting with the neighbor dogs now when he and the kids go for a walk.

My oldest turns 16 on Monday. Her boyfriend is coming for the weekend and we are going to take them to the mall and let them hang out for a while. She doesn't get to see him but about once a month and that could become even less often if he gets the job he is trying to get.

I want to get her something special for her birthday but I don't know what. Ill have to keep thinking about it. Though I don't have much time. I want it to be something she will always remember and will have a special memory for her but I don't know what. I thought about a piece of jewelry, but I have to agree with my mother on that. Neither of us can outdo the ring aunt Glenda gave her the last time we were there. I guess I should ask her what she wants.

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