Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not enough hours in the day

I did nothing yesterday but answer emails and make phone calls and visit with the estemator from the Auditors office. No we don't need to have a building permit to build the chicken coop. No we don't live in a flood plane but yes we do live in a flash flood plane. Like being surounded by wet weather creeks at the bottom of a 65% grade incline hill didn't tell me that to begin with. Yes the man with the Auditors office was nice and yes his new measurements will probably lower our taxes. (The house was measured wrong in his paperwork) But, I didn't need to spend a half hour talking to him. Yes my sister can take the girls to take their written driving test.

Ill admit nothing else got done yesterday because it was cold. It was very cold. But, at 9:30 its almost 50 degrees today and the sun is shining brightly so today is looking like it will be good for the kids playing outside and my getting more of the tilling done.

I seem to be having problems getting things done without a list and I am constantly losing my list so Im going to put what I need to do today here and we will see how well it goes.

1. Clean my kitchen,
2. Bake Brownies
3. Homeschooling
a. Work on reading and math with younger three
b. Get older three working on their math and a research paper.
4. Till up the garden some more
5. Go jogging with Alex
6. clean my bathroom
7. Laundry
8 Work on the book
9 get the printer working again so I can print off Alex's race forms for the Little Rockers Marathon and some graph paper so I can plan out the garden.
10 plan out the garden.

I probably have another 40 things that need to be done today but Im not going to get to more than this so realisticly Im going to leave it at this.

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