Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bye Buddy Rest in Peace

This morning when Brit went to take Buddy for a walk he broke his leash and attacked a neighbor dog in its own yard. The other dog was doing nothing wrong. It showed no aggression at all. On top of that, the kids the dog belonged to were in the yard not 5 feet from where Bear attacked him.

I realized then that though he attacked that dog because it usually runs with one that is always trying to attack brittney, it probably wouldn't be to long until he attacked a human he precieved to be a threat to brittney. What if he had seen those kids as a threat?

I didn't have a choice. We had to put him down. Today has gone down hill from there.

First we have to put the dog down and now its looking like the company is going to lose its contracts because hubby and David couldn't get their bulkheads past the inspectors. The plant won't shut down but when it comes time to do the layoffs, Hubby and David will probably be on the list. Which really sucks.

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